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17 janvier 2011 1 17 /01 /janvier /2011 11:54

I didn't like Münster very much at first, the weather, the food, the weird language...
But, as time goes by, I started to get my routine, my new lab, my favorite restaurant (phoenica), favorite bar, favorite döner, the library I could find "Le Monde", my coffee place, my students and colleagues...
A new life and I thought I was getting used to it, when I was actually enjoying it. I don't remember exactly when it changed but it did. I learnt a lot during this two years. I'm not sure I became a better person, maybe I don't want to be a better person... yet...

I never imagined that I will miss Münster one day. But on my way to Lyon, I do have a crushed heart. Man said that you never know what you have until you lose it, realized now how much I loved my Life in German. Despite the rain, the approximate cuisine and the weird languages I had a great time thanks to all the people I met : Becky, Marius, Deni, Eva, Martin, Dimitris, Christian, Marrike, Sonia, Teja, Raju, Ashok, Celina, Niklas, Sari, Richard...
I wanted to write you what I was unable to tell you in person.

Thanks you so much for being who you are.

I'll miss you.


Auf Wiedersehen



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