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28 février 2011 1 28 /02 /février /2011 10:16

Mudskippers are completely amphibious fish, that can use their pectoral fins to walk on land. Adaptations to an amphibious lifestyle, include the ability to breathe through their skin, the lining of their mouth and throat. This is only possible when the mudskipper is wet, limiting mudskippers to humid habitats and requiring that they keep themselves moist.


Sir David Attenborough presents us the Boleophthalmus pectinirostris and Periophthalmus modestus:


PS : It's NOT the missing links between fishs and humans, but an example of convergent evolution. Such as bats and birds both developing wings while their last common ancestor didn't have any. Indeed evolution is NOT linear and humans are NOT the final direction. Evolution is just playing around and trying every options. But it's a funny fish though!

Stereotypical portrayal of evolution :
That's more like it :evolution

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véronique 01/03/2011 16:31

I want one !!!!!
please.... for my birthday....